Photos by Sylvain Deguire and text by Louise-Marie Lacombe

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In the heart of the Puno region David looks for wool and knitwear and seeks to encourage the work of local crafts-people.

It is not uncommon to see a number of people gather about David during his market visits.

David talks about the adaptations necessary to meet particularities of the Canadian market.

Early in the morning David and his son Dorado arrive in the market in search of quality products suitable for the Canadian market.


David and his co-worker Eugenia, examine an alpaca fleece. The final, sale is concluded with a 'yappa' and a smile.

Another long day's work in the market. We can see David doing business with various crafts-people.

Checking quality and weighing are necessary steps. Each garment will be checked, washed and labelled before being shipped to Canada.


Its in the heart of the pasture-lands we must go looking for the best alpaca fleeces.

Once the shearing completed, we go on to the spinning, knitting and completion of garments.

A Peruvian small-farmer works on her loom. She is making a traditional poncho David has asked for.
An alpaquero of the Peruvian Altiplano proudly displays the alpaca fibre of his area. Recognised for its legendary quality it will provide the necessary original material for the crafts-people who work with David.
A receipt book in one hand, a baby in the other; business and family... the two faces of the purest traditions of the descendants of the Incas.
The black wool of the alpaca is less common and particularly sort after.
On the outskirts of an altiplano town, alpacas and lamas graze together... more than 4500m. above sea-level.
David and his peruvian co-worker inspect some alpaca fibre .

Herded by their 'alpaqueros' a group of alpacas arrive at a market in the Sierra Oriental.

Observe the magnificent colors of these animals.

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