Three years ago, on May 1st 2004, a group of the principal craftspeople
working with for Alpaqa founded the Asociación Artesanal Alpaqa Apallani.

Created with the object of aiding in the creation and exportation of
alpaca knitwear and weavings and to encourage solidarity among the crafts
people. The association quickly took off and became an inspiration. It now
counts about 150 members and produces almost all of our products in alpaca.

As well as organising the production and exportation, and controlling
prices and quality, the association organises events and comes to the aid of
members in difficulty.

The Asociación Alpaqa Apallani oganises participation in exhibitions and
fairs such as the Salon des Mètiers d'Art du Québec in Montréal.

For the last two years craftspeople from the association have come to
Canada to give demonstrations of kniting and spinning at the Salon des
Mètiers d'Art, the Old Port of Quebec Market,and the Musèe de la
Civilisation in Quebec.
Knitting contest.
Spinning contest.
Watching games at third anniversary festivities.
"Chocolatada" Cake and chocolate for the kids at Christmas
"Paneton" for Christmas.